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Emphasizing ‘Cleanliness’ from Red Fort

Amid the plans of e-governance and digital India, it was very unconventional and unusual of a Prime Minister to include topics of ‘toilets’ and ‘filth’ in an Independence Day speech; but then, it was perhaps an appropriate stage for Narendra Modi to convey to the world how much importance his government gives to cleanliness, hygiene, waste management and sanitation.

Stressing on the need to create a “Clean India”, he said, “If 125 crore people resolve not to dirty the surroundings, no force on the earth can dirty our country.

“I do not know if people will appreciate my talking about filth and toilets from the Red Fort on an Independence Day but I speak from my heart today, as I understand poverty. And what better way to address this issue than from here.”

Referring to the contributions made to the Independence of India by Mahatma Gandhi, who was also an advocate of cleanliness, Modi said, “the making of Clean India will be the most fitting tribute that we can give him on his 150th birth anniversary in 2019.” Announcing to begin the work on the Mahatma Gandhi Swachchatha Abhiyan on October 2, NaMo called on all to complete the work within the next four years. “Can we not create proper toilet facilities? It is most embarrassing that several women today have to wait until dark to defecate, as they do not have toilets. Just imagine the fear and diseases they are subjected to. Their dignity is at stake. Is it not our duty to protect the dignity of our women and provide them with toilets?” said NaMo.

Urging the parliamentarians to invest constituency funds in building toilets in every school and managing waste in their areas, NaMo also called upon the Corporates to work with the Government as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility in making the same.

This is now the right moment and the right time for the Indian Cleaning Industry to offer the best solutions as the country moves towards rebuilding the country into a ‘Clean India’. Standing at the threshold of a new demand for professional cleaning solutions, the cleaning industry is bracing for a new beginning.

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