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Elegance and hygienic dispensing system

Touchless, safe and convenient

Product Code: CIJ 7/18-1324
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Create a hygienic and stylish workplace experience with the sleek, white Kimberly-Clark Professional™ automatic hand soap dispenser. Also suitable as a hand sanitiser dispenser, this touch free soap dispenser can either be wall mounted or used as a freestanding sanitiser dispenser with the Kimberly-Clark dispenser stand. It is ideal for supporting hygiene standards in a range of environments. This touchless soap dispenser eliminates the need for users to touch the product to dispense the soap or sanitiser, helping to reduce the risk of cross contamination. When the user puts their hand under the commercial soap dispenser, the right amount of product will automatically dispense into the user’s hand. This controlled dispensing helps to minimise waste by ensuring users only take the amount they need, improving cost without compromising on hygiene standards.


  • Holds 1.2 litre cartridges dispenser size 29cm (L) x 18.3cm (W) x 10cm (D).
  • One white automatic hand soap dispenser, also suitable for use as a hand sanitiser dispenser;1 x Kimberly-Clark Professional™ touchless, electronic skin care dispenser.
  • Electronic skincare dispenser automatically dispenses one shot of soap or sanitiser when a user places their hand beneath the dispenser.
  • This dispenser is touchless and electronic to minimise the spread of germs and reduce waste.
  • 60,000 hand washes (per 3D-sized alkaline batteries) and features low battery and low product lights when replacements are needed.
  • You can choose a key or push button opening to reload Works with 1.2-litre cassettes of Scott® foam soap, gentle lotion skin cleanser as well as hand sanitiser.

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