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Friday , 19 July 2019
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Electronic Housekeeping

With the app, “You can’t improve what you cannot measure. One key advantage of Electronic Housekeeping is that it allows hotels to create custom management dashboards. These dashboards can summarize key issues in housekeeping for senior management’s review, allowing them to make fast, informed decisions and take appropriate actions. It quickly allows them to determine if the problems are due to personnel, process, or training. It also enables management to compare the performance of a property with other locations and work with a much larger sample size,” says Nabeel.

Some of the most common dashboard parameters include:

-List of Top performers

-List of Bottom performers

-List of most common problems reported

The paradigm shift will take FM companies, housekeepers and admin managers some time to understand the fact and adopt the ‘Internet of things’.

FCS Computer Systems (FCS), ahospitality solutions and servicesprovider recently introduced m-2Talk, a push-to-talk mobile app designed to provide instant and secure staff communication for hotel properties. Akina Ho, VP, Strategy & Global Business Development, FCS says, “The m-2Talk provides better solution for instant communication. It provides hotels with the instant push-to-talk communication of yesterday with today’s technology, combined with a secured platform that only allows authorized personnel to communicate and hear the private conversation. Past communication can also be retrieved on their smartphone or backend server. We are the only company that is providing this technology.”

The idea of housekeeping app varies as per the industry. For hotels, “a good mobile housekeeping solution is affordable, simple to use and ideally does not require proprietary devices. A few simple mobile pages that summarize the information needed with some simple filters to limit results to the floors or room types, and a button to change the room status, can create significant operational help. No more calls to the front desk to check on room status, which allows front desk agents to focus on the guest. Floor supervisors can stay on the floors and get the latest rooms to be cleaned, and if guests have left without checking out, housekeeping can “check out” the guest,” points out Jos Schaap, CEOFounder, StayNTouch, Inc.

“To conclude, technology is like medicine that comes with an expiry date… New solutions are always in the pipeline.”


“Rooms turned around quickly, means the next guest does not have to wait for a clean room, and a good and fast check in experience is great for the reviews ratings. Housekeepers spend about 10 to 15% (labour cost reduction) trying to find the next room to clean, with that information in the palm of their hand, they can simply go and clean the next room.”

To ensure the highest cleaning and hygiene standards at segments such as pharmaceuticals, food processing healthcare and other segments Sealed Air, a leading packaging & hygiene solutions provider, has joined hands with Intellibot Robotics, LLC, providing ‘the Internet of Clean™’, a concept that reflects the way of applying the ‘internet of things’ to the cleaning and hygiene industry. “With Intellibot’s technology, we will help our customers realize greater connectivity with their floor operations to more readily access data and monitor performance in real time – from a remote location – with the goal of improving operational efficiency, cost and quality,” says Dr. Ilham Kadri, President, Diversey Care.

Mobile phone is perhaps the only device that one carries on the go. It pays bills, controls TVs, refrigerators, ACs… enables shopping and does almost everything… even housekeeping!Housekeeping mobile apps can change the way of cleaning. Nabeel Saeed, Product Marketing Manager- Vertical Systems, Silicon Valley based company that provides…

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