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Electrolyzed Water & Gaseous Ozone The New Frontier in Sanitation

De Nora Next at Clean India Show

At De Nora Next, the solutions are characterized by a broad spectrum of actions being effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi reducing the chemical residuals that might be present on products’ surfaces. The Company will also mark its presence for the first time at the Clean India Show in November to present Giselle®, a revolutionary chemical free appliance.

Giselle, the brilliance of the electrochemical cell technology

Giselle, an extremely compact mobile production unit, equipped with a 10 liters canister for water supply, produces, on site and on demand, sanitizing solutions using only salt (Sodium Chloride), tap water and electricity.

A wide range of locations and objects can be rendered hygienic: hand- touch sites, tables, glass, surfaces in contacts with foodstuff, non-surgical medical equipment, toilettes in hospitals, clinics, care homes, dental studios, veterinary studios, hotels, schools, canteens, sports centers, etc.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]“De Nora NEXT is going to be present at Clean India Show, Gujarat, 27-29 November at stand B-23, where Giselle will be on display and where the team will be pleased to illustrate this eco-friendly electrochemical technology.” [/box]

Once connected to the electrical outlet, Giselle is ready for use. In a couple of minutes, it is able to produce a special solution, Soleva® is effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi without aggressive effects. Available in two concentrations (0.1% and 0.6% active ingredient), Soleva, has undergone testing in line with the US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) guidelines OCSPP810.2200 and OCSPP810.2300. Operational tests (in compliance with UNI 15883 norms) have also demonstrated the cleaning efficacy of Soleva in particular against blood and urine. Giselle is safe, solid, energy saving, self-cleaning and minimizes the footprint reducing transportation and stock of chemicals, plastic production and waste.

Expanding Solutions

De Nora NEXT is also expanding its range of products with ozone technologies for the sanitizing and the deodorization of environment. Finding ozone is a simple matter because it is present in the atmosphere, but it can also be produced starting from air or oxygen. Using different size machineries, it is possible to produce the gas and release it at low cost in order to deodorize the environment, with no residuals. In addition, the gaseous ozone can deeply sanitize surfaces or areas difficult to be reached with conventional cleaning and sanitizing treatments, without changing air humidity.

Giorgio Padula, General Manager of De Nora NEXT, states: “The sanitizing properties of this gas are known for a long time. Ozone is able to clean, in a sustainable way, air and water. For these reasons, I believe that ozone will become a decisive factor in global competition”.

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