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Electrolux launches new barrier washers

Electrolux Professional has launched the Line 6000 Evolution Barrier Washer range, which provides enhanced usability and safety, uncompromised hygiene and improved productivity at every stage of the laundry process.

This is the first barrier washers’ range ever to obtain an international ergonomic certification, earning the prestigious Ergocert 4-star rating. Issued by an independent third party, it proves that the human-centered design of the new machines can contribute to relieve the operators’ tension and strain, ultimately boosting productivity. Working with repetitive movements and awkward body postures creates musculoskeletal disorders, which can be reduced by 59% with an average decrease of 75% in sick days and a 25% increase in productivity.

“When it comes to hygiene, we always aim at raising the bar for research and innovation. Our barrier washers ensure you have the necessary tools to meet the most demanding regulations governing laundry processing in the health care sector, as well as firefighter stations, or pharmaceutical, microelectronics and food industries, where linen is usually exposed to a significant contamination risk,” says Ludovic Bataille, Product Manager at Electrolux Professional.

“The new Line 6000 Evolution Barrier Washers were born to confirm and even strengthen this mission, because they not only guarantee maximum defence against the spread of microorganisms and cross infections, but were also developed putting users at the heart of the design process and usability research. The result is a range leader in ergonomics, which enhances safety while improving productivity,” he added.

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