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Electrically-activated water same as tap water: Nilfisk

Nilfisk-Advance, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional floor cleaning equipment, recently announced the results of independent testing of the performance of electrically-activated water technology on professional floor scrubbers. The results showed that a floor scrubber using electrically-activated water technology did not perform better than when that same floor scrubber used ordinary tap water, contrary to claims in the marketplace that electrically-activated water “converts” water. To evaluate the performance of electrically-activated water on floor scrubbers, Nilfisk-Advance worked with several experts to design a comprehensive test procedure using accepted ASTM standards and best industry practices.

The two independent and internationally-accredited labs measured the cleaning efficiency when using three different cleaning solutions: 1) with electrically-activated water; 2) with plain tap water; and 3) with tap water and detergent. Nilfisk introduced the EcoFlex™ in 2009 which provides total flexibility to effortlessly switch between chemical-free, water-only cleaning or different cleaning intensities at the touch of a button as floor conditions dictate. EcoFlex combines effective, efficient and sustainable methods to set the new standard in green cleaning.

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