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Efficient descaler with sustainable chemicals

Ideal for bathrooms, toilet bowls, and other wet areas

CIJ 3/18-1298

The Indian subcontinent is frequently concerned about hard water and lime buildup. This is where Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd’s Planta® San Intense P 319 comes in, as it is an efficient descaler for fixtures, washrooms and any acid-resistant stone surface such as vitrified tiles, granite, and so on.


  • Removes lime deposits, urine scale, and other mineral soiling with powerful methane sulphonic acid
  • Has sustainable chemicals that are effective, decrease pollution, and reduce the strain on the planet’s scarce resources.
  • It is non-oxidizing, totally soluble, and readily biodegradable, as well as environmentally safe due to its environmental benefits.
  • Cleans quickly and effectively, even on greasy soils.
  • Ideal for bathrooms, toilet bowls, and other wet areas.
  • Delivers economical and long-term washroom hygiene while ensuring substrate safety.

The company has recently collaborated with a customer in the high-end banking industry to provide them with a comprehensive washroom cleaning solution using this product. Limescale build-up and rust stains were quickly removed, and the property was restored to its previous condition.


  • For routine, intensive, and basic cleaning of sanitary facilities in all wet areas.
  • Can be used on all acid-resistant materials and surfaces, such as wash basins, WCs, urinals, wall and floor tiles.
  • Particularly suitable for porcelain sanitary fittings, chrome, and stainless steel surfaces, wall, and floor tiles.
Physical state Liquid
Odour Characteristic
pH Value (at 20°C) 0.5
Density (at 25°C) 1.05 g/cm3
Water solubility Completely miscible


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