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Effective Cleaning with Microfibre

When microfibre technology was introduced in the international market, it became successful instantly because of its cleaning efficiency. Due to its benchmark acceptance, the manufactures were keen to explore the Indian market. “Our international partners sent us a few samples for trial which we used here to test it in the Indian environment. The results were amazing and eye opening. The performance of those mops was magical and effortless. India needed this type of cleaning desperately,” said Anjana Vij, Director, Kibble Enterprises.

Earlier cleaning was done through cotton mops. The awareness level was low, yet the use of it was extensive. Cotton mops left lint behind, had poor cleaning ability and low absorption levels. People had no choice but to use it.

“We were aware of the challenge in front of us. There were parameters that demanded justification as to why should people shift towards using microfibres. We first learnt what microfibre was and then spread the awareness by personally meeting housekeepers, passing on the same knowledge & giving them samples for testing.

As expected, Kibble got great response from different properties like PVR Cinemas, Lemon Tree Hotels, Hyatt but the real challenge was not its performance but its price justification. Cotton mops are priced low, but they do not last long, whereas microfibers are expensive with a life that could go up to months. “We successfully explained to the clients the longevity factor of microfiber leading to its acceptance.”

Slowly people became aware that microfiber products have very strong cleaning power because just one square inch of a microfiber contains 2km thread which makes cleaning effective, catches/absobes dust very fast, dries quickly, saves time and labour, and can be used on all surfaces. Ecologically it saves and reduces cost of chemical as well as labour. It is now accepted that buying a microfibre one time is always beneficial than purchasing cotton mops on frequent intervals.

“Our motto has always been to spread awareness for better cleaning products as well as to save environment providing least harm to it. For the same Kibble microfibres are specially made under green manufacturing technology in which the dying process of the cloth is skipped saving water pollution.”

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