Monday , 23 October 2017
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As we are gearing towards the next edition of Clean India Pulire in January in Mumbai along with the other three expos on Waste Management Technology, Laundry and Car Care, Clean India Journal has also very successfully organized the International Housekeepers’ Summit in September and supported a beach cleaning initiative by the students of IIT, Mumbai, very recently. We have carried vivid reports of both the events in this issue of the magazine.

In its second year, IHS2017 has grown in size and content attracting delegates from 11 countries. Very high-level discussions, innovative interactive sessions, programs to recognize the best talent in housekeeping and other group activities collectively have given the event a strong identity.

Month of October has special significance for Clean India Journal. It was in October 2005 that the first issue of the magazine was released and this month the magazine is completing 12 successful and meaningful years. Over the years, the magazine has been evolving, absorbing the changing demands for cleaning equipment/ chemicals, understanding newer technologies, analysing the industry trends and acting like a true companion to the Indian Cleaning Industry in its very own journey towards professionalism and growth. The magazine could create a link between the local industry players and the international companies. It represented the Indian Cleaning Industry at international expos and forums. As the readership grew, we brought in sectors like waste management, pest control, laundry and now car care as well. In short, Clean India Journal looks at cleanliness in all areas and has its mission very clear: be a facilitator to bring in high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the country.

Clean India Journal will be putting together a number of half-day seminar sessions as part of the January Clean India Technology Week. There will be added focus on waste management – both Municipal and Industrial and both solid and liquid waste. As with the previous shows, this year too LaundrexNet is expected to open up a number of linen care issues. The event is around the corner.

Mangala Chandran

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