Friday , 23 June 2017
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Chemicals are needed for cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. But how much are our cleaning workers equipped with the knowhow of usage of chemicals and the right applications? All-purpose chemicals have also to be used discretely depending upon the surface and the function of the built environment. There are different types of cleaners: those on the alkaline end of the pH scale, acid based cleaners and those that are neutral for less harsh applications. This issue of Clean India Journal looks at the challenges the service providers and the end user companies face in getting the workers trained and educated in using the chemicals.

Clean India team that attended the recent Pulire Verona reports that the cleaning market in Europe is really picking up. There was a notable increase in international trade visitors and even in the local visitors. Focusing on Industry 2.2, the cleaning Industry showcased cleaning on the digital platform with robotic machines and IoT. Mohana brings in a full account.

With the implementation of GST in July, India will be seeing changes too. As for the cleaning Industry, it is still waiting for better clarity on the implication of the new tax system.

During my recent visit to Hyderabad, 25 manual scavengers from the city were provided an option of mini sewer jetting machines whereby they would not have to enter the manhole again. Activists from the city had one question: Is the initiative a correct way of rehabilitation? Some opined that choice of alternative livelihood should be left to the workers involved in the job. Alternative options which are not linked to manual scavenging might be possible in Telangana with the government looking at programs to create entrepreneurs from less privileged class of people.

Coming to the close; Though this should have been the first line in this editorial. But you always want to avoid what you do not want to accept. And here it is the passing away of Industry favourite Puneet Mishra. A dark May for the Indian Cleaning Industry.

Mangala Chandran

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