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When we talk of cleanliness and hygiene, the term is of great significance when applied to the current situation in Kerala where thousands of houses, relief camps and public places have to be cleaned up. Over 10 lakh people who are still in 2,770 camps need clean environment to prevent diseases; individual houses need to get rid of tonnes of muck and damaged articles. The task is enormous but the positive side is the help which is pouring in and the unified effort from all quarters. More than 3,000 squads under health and local selfgovernment departments are in the process of cleaning houses and public places, official sources say.

Connected with this is an interesting news report about four youngsters in Kerala who are bringing some cheer to flood-hit families by creating musical videos while cleaning up houses voluntarily.

MBA student Unnikrishnan and a customer relation officer Shefin — all in their early 20s — are behind this unique initiative to help families relax while dealing with the mud and slush in their damaged houses. Being students, they cannot offer any financial assistance to affected families.

The short musical videos and dub smash uploaded by the team features them in action while scrubbing, mopping and wiping muddy floors and walls in different houses. It is an uphill task to clean up the houses that are badly affected by flood. They are trying to make the cleaning process a little easier by singing and jamming!

Now back to ban on plastics — a never ending story of how the government, people and plastic manufacturers have to come to terms with the implementation to help the nation as a whole from further environmental hazards. Strong opposition by plastic manufacturers & allied industries and lack of alternatives (water proof/ leak proof) are the main road bump. A school of thought is that plastic may not be the enemy but littering is. Many States do not have in place an organised system for plastic waste management. And we continue with the crusade.


Mangala Chandran

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