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Clean India Journal is 13. Becoming a teenager is exciting for a girl or a boy. The first step to cautious freedom, to being grown up and to a state of wanting to achieve a lot more. But Clean India Journal did not have to wait for so many years to grow into a responsible magazine contributing to the biggest cause of the nation. From 2005, the magazine, along with Clean India Show has been focusing on creating awareness about cleanliness, hygiene & sanitation, and the need to approach the process of cleaning with machines and technology. We were ahead of time, in a way.

The growth has been a bit too fast. The magazine’s content and reach grew wider: From coverage of cleaning equipment and chemicals, the editorial extended to facility services, industrial cleaning, waste management, etc., and for the last four years, it has reached out to laundry and vehicle care professionals as well. Also brought under its scope are areas like infection control and training. Both the magazine and the Show have expanded to bring under their fold multiple sectors and have reinforced their claim to be the platforms for everything linked to cleanliness. A truly international magazine, Clean India Journal has proved its global presence by hosting three international conferences on Housekeeping, the third one being in Sri Lanka.

In an article, marking the beginning of the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, appeared on a national daily on October 2, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote: Over the last four years, 130 crore Indians have paid tribute to Gandhiji in the form of the Swachh Bharat Mission. The hard work of everyone, SBM, has emerged as a vibrant mass movement with commendable outcomes. In a parallel article, Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore drew a parallel with his country. While acknowledging the achievement of India – building 86 million toilets and declaring 470,000 villages open defecation free, he wrote: Singapore has travelled this journey too. In the early days, many homes were not sewered… Often the human waste was dumped into nearby streams and rivers polluting the waters. Our founding fathers launched a national campaign “Keep Singapore Clean’. We sewered up every home, cleaned up our rivers and made Singapore a clean and green city….

Clean India Journal strives to be a part of the country’s journey to the real freedom from unclean environment. Like an enthusiastic teenager, it is looking for more avenues and of course, for the continuous partnership with the Indian Cleaning Industry.



Mangala Chandran

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