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Digital transformation, sure is the trend today. In all sectors and in all processes, the use of technology radically improves the performance. As for Facility Management, the technology like IoT, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence have widely been used not only to streamline the operations of all aspects of building maintenance, but also to make the workplace processes, more efficient and transparent. The DigiFM Conference being put together as part of the February Clean India Show in Bangalore will put the key elements in digitalisation of FM and their impact on integrated workplace management. FM professionals from varied interconnected segments — project management, FM companies, the FM departments of business houses and others — can benefit from this conference.

The number of visitors to the annual Clean India Technology Week with four Expos has been increasing year after year. One key factor to this is the right mix of technology/product showcasing along with the seminars which find a balance between technology, challenges in implementation and the appropriate business models.

As a frequent traveller to Chennai, during my last visit there, I found the people have been taking the preparations for plastic ban — with effect from January 1 — with more seriousness than before. Area wise initiatives by citizen groups were on the rise. Yet it is all to be seen how sustainable the efforts are going to be. For one, the Tamil Nadu Plastic Manufacturers’ Association feels the ban is discriminatory in nature and also there is an argument over the use of polypropylene bags. However, across the state, there had been pre-ban preparations for over six months.

It is not just plastics, as a nation we need to learn to reduce the dependency on plastics and also to recycle as much of the waste material as possible.



Mangala Chandran

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