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The Clean India Technology Week 2017 in Hyderabad turned out to be a big winner: Big turnout of visitors from across the country and abroad, big business at all the Expos; presence of Indian Railway officials, Municipal commissioners, leading industries… The exhibitors have unanimously agreed that they could get access to new markets and also that many of the new products received good acceptance. The seminar sessions and the round table conferences – first-ever with the Railways and Urban Local Bodies – added great value. “This is perhaps the first time, we are coming face to face with senior railway officials”, said the service providers. For that matter, the round table conference of Municipal Commissioners, the Cleaning Industry and the Corporate CSR heads was first-of-its-kind leading to a high level of interaction. The analysis of the visitor profile and feedback also indicate that the end-users are looking for technologies for specific problems. So, turn the pages for a full report.


The recent global shows on cleaning have been indicative of the coming in of robot and autonomous floor cleaning machines in the cleaning sector. However, there is no anxiety shown about the robots doing away with cleaning staff. The machines, in fact, are viewed as tools to elevate the professional cleaning segment.
At the 13th World Robot Olympiad (WRO) held last year in Greater Noida, participants mostly students, presented innovative ways under the theme “rap the scrap” to use robotics for efficient waste management. The innovations included a robot that locates and picks up Tetra-packs and treats them for recycling; a waste segregation machine connected with an android app that efficiently separates bio-degradable and non-bio degradable waste; an Orbital cleaning satellite that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the debris in space and then destroys it using lasers if deemed right and a maneuverable robot that can clean water bodies. The collected waste is then transported as per the nature of the waste!


Mangala Chandran

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