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This last issue of 2019 has a clear focus on infection control through personal hygiene and cleaning practices. School children are more prone to catching infection than the grown ups: Unclean hands, infected surfaces and food cooked in unhygienic conditions cause illness and keep the children away from school. Norovirus which has been shaking up the schools in the US and UK was found to be the cause of children falling sick en masse. The focus story looks at the various ways by which this virus can be kept at bay. Yet another article looks at curtailing the risk of infection through regular cleaning in schools- cleaning of floors, outside areas and playing & sports spaces. A third feature looks at how hospital acquired infection can be addressed by following guidelines specifying the level of infection control needed at various units.

Talking to Clean India Journal, Nitin Nagrale, founder of the Hospitality Purchasing Managers Forum laments that work pressure on the purchasing managers in the hospitality industry is leading to premature deaths among the workforce. Unlike in the other segments, hospitality function demands catering to the requirements of the guests at any time of the day and night. He stresses the need for the industry to come together to solve this situation.

Also read the transformation of Surat from a dirty and unhygienic city to a clean and sustainable urban space. The city is now a Green certified one has that follows the various parameters for maintaining cleanliness and healthy environment.

The year 2019 is coming to a close and we are waiting for the New Year to be ushered in. For us, Clean India Technology Week with four Expos is just around the corner. Three days of intense activities, business, and discussions…

We wish you all a bright 2020


Mangala Chandran

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