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The success of India’s ‘smart cities’ will be, in part, dependent on the way the cities handle the management of waste. It is expected that proper waste management will ‘smarten up’ India’s smart cities. By 2025, India’s waste management sector is expected to be worth US$13.62 billion with an annual growth rate of 7.17 per cent. Urban Local Bodies are exploring innovations and technology — containers tagged with radio frequency identification (RFID), sweepers with GPS devices, sensors that measure fill level of trash bins, processing and analysing data, ultrasonic sensor for measurement, etc. Smart processes will also enable to identify at the time of trash disposal, the material to be recycled using RFID technology. A smart city looks at increasing the efficiency of waste management through automation and in turn increasing environmental responsibility which perhaps is one of its main pillars.

India is once again heading into the worst time of the year, a season where the air quality becomes highly toxic. Both the government and the citizens are measuring and reporting about pollution problems. Though this has not helped much, we cannot stop gathering data.

The showcasing of technology and products in the February 2019 Clean India Technology Week — Clean India Show, Waste Technology India Expo, Laundrex India, and Car Care Expo – will be steps ahead of what was experienced at the 2018 event. While all the four expos will have sustainability as the common thread — systems using less time, energy and water — many international and connected technology will be made available for the trade visitors. Wet cleaning, dry cleaning, IoT based laundry & Industry 4.0 will be the highlight of Laundrex Expo. More exhibitors are coming with the latest in barrier and tunnel laundry systems. With the rising demand for professional and bulk cleaning in hospitality, healthcare and Railway sectors in India. The interest in modern machines and technology is also increasing.

In the Cleaning segment, one will get to see more focus on hygienic cleaning be it at the equipment end or the chemicals. Solutions with nano technology, antibacterial vacuuming, besides energy efficient motors, quick-recharging batteries, recycling water options, etc., will be showcased at the Show. The Expo will introduce Digital FM in a separate section through a day long summit. A new feature this year is the special pavilion on Sanitation put together in Association with the World Toilet Organisation.

There are more to go!



Mangala Chandran

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