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The scope of the content of Clean India Journal is expanding to match with the wide reach across segments. The list is very long; however, we take all effort to cater to each one of them. Be it manufacturers, facility management professionals or waste recyclers, laundry owners or housekeepers. This issue of the magazine too has an interesting assortment of reports and articles.

As with other industries, the cleaning sector has also turned towards technology. So here we have essays on smart bin technology using sensors and wireless communication and use of Artificial Intelligence in Facility Management. AI enables facility managers to stay relevant to changing customer expectations and helps in resolving critical issues with the effective use of existing data. Recently, ‘Do It Foundation and SIFR’ in partnership with Microsoft, have developed an AI algorithm for detecting trash in geolocated images and videos.

The Indian cleaning market is supplied with equipment, chemicals and tools that are imported or locally manufactured. The service providers are faced with the dilemma of choosing the ones they feel fit into their requirements in terms of cost, aesthetics and efficiency. Finding a balance is a tough task, voice the users of cleaning products.

Another interesting article is on service recovery that talks about the need for conscious effort from the hotel management to take corrective measures when complaints are received. The feedback management can be merged with business improvement strategies.

Talking of hotels, the 4th edition of IHS2019 (International Housekeepers Summit) to be held in Agra this month is expected to host over 300 delegates from over 15 countries including CCG countries. A very remarkable leap by the Asian housekeepers fraternity and Clean India Journal is proud of having facilitated the movement. Starting from motivating the housekeeping personnel to look beyond their assigned tasks and to aspire for more managerial levels in the organisation, the themes of the Summits have been leading the participants to achieve high level of quality in the work place. The theme of this year’s Summit is on Total Quality Management 2.0


Mangala Chandran

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