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Mangala ChandranAs the Clean India Show is coming closer, we are happy that awareness about the Show and its usefulness to the Gujarat State, especially to sectors like healthcare & hospitality and industries has increased. The Show has recently received the support of the Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industries, adding to the list of organizations already supporting. The members of the various industrial associations supporting the Show are looking forward to specific cleaning solutions to minimize environmental impact and pollution.

This issue’s focus story is on the schemes Gujarat is putting in place to improve sanitation and hygiene which have a direct bearing on people’s health. Hospital chains are setting up new medical facilities with special requirements for cleaning. In short, there is a growing cleaning market in this State to be tapped.

Clean India Journal, in this issue, has also brought to the fore the necessity of procedures to be taken by the client companies while outsourcing the cleaning job to service providers. A successful service model depends on multiple aspects and we have been discussing these in many forums.

It is encouraging to read the report that the Delhi government has launched a week long city-wide cleanliness and sanitation movement along with a plantation drive to mark the 68th Independence Day of India. As a part of the drive, Municipal Corporations have involved the citizens and students in the cleaning of silt and removal of garbage. The civic bodies are to pay attention to repairs of potholes and streetlights and to the cleaning of schools, their toilets, and hospitals. Railway stations are to be cleaned up and there are awareness campaigns planned. Undoubtedly, the best way to remember a day of great importance.

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