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Yes, Clean India Journal is going places. As the scope of Clean India Technology Week and Clean India Show itself is expanding, the magazine too is bringing in changes in terms of segments wise content. Instead of coming out with separate publications for Waste Management and Laundry, Clean India Journal will have add-on sections: Waste Recycling India and LaundrexTimes with distinguished identities. We also look forward to readers participation by way of inputs and reports from different regions.

As we enter the new financial year with expected changes in political and related levels, Cleaning Industry is geared to take on challenges in terms of increased demand, competition and technology adoption. Clients do not want to talk anymore, says an Industry expert. “They would like type more.” The twin aspects of innovation and technology both for business creation and creating cleaning products will be influencing the Cleaning Industry. Many advanced systems for cleaning cars, linen cleaning and facility management use less water and incorporate environment & user-friendly features.

In the focus story this time, we discuss how ergonomics can help housekeepers achieve better results and save their backs too. Lighter and better designs of equipment and tools have become the norm today and employers are realising the fact that the productivity is linked to product efficiency and employee health in equal measure.

A new UN report says that a quarter of the world’s health facilities lack basic water services, impacting two billion people. The unhygienic conditions could fuel the global rise of deadly superbugs. Worldwide, nearly 900 million people have no water at all at their local health facility or have to use unprotected wells or springs. One in five facilities also lack toilets, impacting about 1.5 billion people. Clean India Journal holds annual conferences and seminars on hospital infection control and sanitation bringing to the fore many challenges being faced by the healthcare and other sectors.


Mangala Chandran

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