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EcoHygiene Tap

Eco365days, a brand of Neo Systek launches EcoHygiene Tap with extended handle and water efficient tap designed to prevent contamination and maintain better hygiene. The tap is developed in collaboration with Divija Faucets & Fixtures Pvt Ltd.

EcoHygiene taps can be used with no effort by elbow or forearm, this improves hygiene and contribute to health & safety of user. According to various studies our fingers are one among the biggest carriers of germs, bacteria & infection from various surfaces.

EcoHygiene taps are designed ergonomically with long extended handle, which can be operated with forearm or elbow, instead of dirty fingers. Self-explanatory pictorial chart near the tap educate new users about ‘how tap needs to be operated’. Once educated, user needs not touch the tap with dirty/greasy fingers, which leaves marks on the tap; creating unhygienic and displeasing environment at washroom. EcoHygiene Taps also wear out less when compared to regular finger operated taps, because forearm/elbow creates less external force on operation of spindle (machine) of tap while using it.


  • Long handle operation by forearm/elbow reduces germ transfer by fingers
  • Saves Water (up to 80%)
  • Quarter Turn (Quick activation/close)
  • Complete Metal Body (Brass)
  • Warranty for 5 years
  • Water Efficient Flow (Shower/Spray type)
  • Ergonomic Design (suitable for handicapped, elderly & children as well)
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Commonly used in Hospitals to prevent contamination (Proven Concept)


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