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Acrèche in Ahmedabad is a haven to recycling items. The crèche is designed by urban planner and Architect Yatin Pandya, who has used keyboards, collage of glass bottles and clay bowls stuck into concrete. The door has cycle parts – wheels, axles, chains, handle and pedals set in a grid of scrap iron bars. A colourful rooftop pavilion is made of cloth rags and torn bamboo mats sandwiched in fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). Fly ash bricks, a waste product of thermal power plants, have also been used in construction.

These materials keep the rooms cool. Some of the other eco-friendly features are skylights which bring in light without glare and hot air vents and jaali door providing cross-ventilation. The crèche is built on the principle of one man’s waste is another’s resource.

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