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Eco bags for waste disposal at Coimbatore airport

After the municipal corporations across India, it is the airport authorities that have now started using eco-friendly bags in the premises. This year the Coimbatore airport marked the Earth Day by introducing biodegradable bags instead of plastic bags to collect garbage.

The airport consumes around 110 plastic bags a day dispose of waste, amounting to around one tonne of plastic annually. Addressing the media, Airport Director K Peter Abraham said, “With the use of biodegradable bags the airport will now become a plastic free zone.”

Chennai based Biotec Bags India Private Ltd, which is providing bio bags to the Chennai airport, would be supplying to Coimbatore also. The Biotec Bags™ uses Rudra enzyme technology, a unique formula of bacteria enzyme base substrate. It is bio-degradable as per ASTM and EN/ISO standards with a very low cost addition and decomposes within six months and eliminates toxic residue left behind by plastic.

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