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International Institute of Waste Management (), Bhopal, organised a Capacity building/training on E-waste Management at Bhopal, in association with University of Guelph, Canada and Centre for Research and Industrial Staff Performance, at Bhopal on April.  More than 30 participants from the State Pollution Control Boards, IT department, BHEL, recyclers, industries, environmental organizations, universities, CSIR institutions, Tourism department, R & D institutions, Case New Holland equipments, etc., were present at the meet.

The objective of the training was to provide an interactive platform to understand environmental, human health issues and stakeholder activities on E-waste management. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss what kinds of counter measures and policy interventions are necessary for environmentally sound E-waste management. The programme intended to provide an overview of proper management of E-waste as per the best practices as well as insight regulatory requirements. Emphasis was to understand and reduce the impacts of the hazardous chemicals content of electrical and electronic equipment during their life cycle along the supply chain on human health and the environment.

Dr K Balachandra Kurup, Programme Director, International Institute of Waste Management, Dr Brajesh Dubey from School of Environmental Engineering, University of Guelph, Canada and Shri A Jayakumarji, Secretary General, Vijnan Bharti, addressed the gathering.

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