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The ladies of Kozhikode now have an electronic Delight toilet. The first of its kind in Kerala, the toilet has been developed by Dea Celera Electronic Devices, a Technopark-based company. Described as the first Indian version of the European public toilets, the e-toilet can be a one-stop solution to overcome the hygiene-related issues associated with the maintenance and use of manual public toilets.

Dea Celera Electronic Devices, in association with various local bodies and the Tourism Department, is all set to launch electronic toilets in selected cities. Electronic toilets are fully automated, portable, pay-and-use toilets that work through a fusion of electrical and mechanical inputs and information technology. Each Delight toilet has an automated payment collection, door opening, flushing, sterilising and cleaning system. As soon as you drop the coins, the electronic door will open and with it the light and exhaust fan will get switched on automatically. After you use and exit the toilet, the flushing and floor cleaning are automatically done. Delight toilets uses 40watts of power and 1,008lt of water for 168 users.

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