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Dust-free textile manufacturing units

In textile mills, collection of cotton plop spillages and dust which settle on shopfloor machines is a big challenge to remove. Nilfisk Advance’s CFM brings the much awaited solution.

The fine fibrous particles of cotton plops that are airborne and generated during the operational hours are detrimental to the health of workers. Once inhaled, the mucus makes cotton dust stick to the walls of lungs. The accumulation of dust later creates several bronchial disorders like rhinitis allergies, coughs and breathing problems. The prolonged exposure leads to asthma and other diseases related to lungs.

However, owing to the stringent rules and various international certifications’ requirements, textile companies are now willing to eliminate the dust and provide clean and healthy environment to their workers. As a result, textile firms are deploying a range of vacuum cleaners. Yet, they find it difficult to get rid of the plops as traditional vacuum cleaners are not designed to tackle textile problems and brooms only increase dust/plops cloud. In conventional vacuum cleaner, the lighter material sticks to the filter and chokes it. This later causes motor failure. The negative pressure and filter cleaning is big issue.


Nilfisk Advance did an in-depth R&D on the problem and has come up with a series of machines, specially built to effectively collect the cotton plops.The machines suck trims and fine fibrous dust which is otherwise difficult to collect and cleaned by conventional vacuum cleaners.

The R- Series machines vary in terms of design and capacity; have built-in basket and secondary dust filters. The inlet is on the top that lets dust and plops move into the basket. The glass window provides operator freedom to see the quantity of plops
filled from outside. Suction motor is placed below the basket which creates vacuum and plops are stacked in basket tightly. Large quantity (3-4 times than that of traditional vacuum cleaners) of cotton or trims is collected that is comparatively easy to dispose off unlike standard machines in which material is loosely held in debris tank and at the time of disposal, the material spreads with slightest breeze or wind.

R series machines are equipped with both 3-phase and single phase heavy duty side channel blowers which require zero maintenance and are suitable for continuous usage. The machines are available in Stainless steel and powder coated versions.

Nilfisk Advance’s CFM machines help textile and cotton firms effectively clean plops and dust from looms. Further, compatible end tools & accessories have been designed to suit the requirement of industry. With the effective cleaning, textile, cotton, woolen or fiber industries can provide greener and healthier environment to employees thus increasing productivity.


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