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Drones to Disinfect Cities

The innovative plan to use technology to disinfect cities has caught up in many cities and municipal corporations across States. Tamil Nadu use the first drone to disinfect the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital in Chennai and today Chhattisgarh, Bengaluru and others are deploying drones to disinfect.

The four-year-old startup Garuda Aerospace, which has been using drones for agricultural purposes, has devised a plan to use drones to spray disinfectant. The drones are designed to fly payloads between 15-20 litres of disinfectants and can cover a 20-km area in a day when humans can only cover four to five kilometers a day. Garuda Aerospace has 300 drones and 500 pilots to sanitize public places like hospitals, metro stations and roads across Tamil Nadu.

Another IIT Guwahati students startup Racerfly, have approached the Assam and Uttarakhand governments offering to join the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with their sprayer system which they claim can accomplish the task in less than 15 minutes which would otherwise take a person 1.5 days of work. The drone which is crash proof, is equipped to adjust itself to terrain height and avoid obstacles. The drone can be automated to perform the task within a signal range of 3km. It can cover more than 1.2 hectare in one flight and more than 60 hectares in a day.

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