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Before Service

It seemed like a regular call, as Dr Drain approached the building of a multinational company housing 3,500 employees working in three shifts. Usually washrooms in such big offices get choked due to faulty preventive maintenance, overuse or abuse.

Well, it was much more than a choke; Dr Drain confronted blocked urinals and drain lines! Initial examination indicated buildup of stubborn scales over the years on the walls of the urinals and the drains. There were some foreign objects obstructing the flow too. This again is a common occurrence in urinals where over time due high traffic the buildup on the walls narrows down the flow. In fact, even in multinational buildings there are instances of pan spitting in the urinals. The moment there are indications of slow flow visible, the maintenance should get to work to avoid blockage.


After Service

Dr Drain proceeded to investigate the cafeteria where the drains were over flowing into the kitchen. This was a complete block case. Kitchen always face choke ups due to fatty and greasy food which is washed down the sink to gather on the walls of the drain. Regular maintenance can prevent such blocks.

It was time for a Drainoscopy. Dr Drain along with his trained team set out first clearing the major blocks with Cannon Drainoscopy. During the operation, more critical areas threatening to get blocked surfaced. Dr Drain began treatment of the new areas along the way, ensuring nothing is left untreated. The team also cleared the floor lines in all cubicles, which too had severe to mild blockages.

Indeed, it was challenging but a successful operation. The most interesting experience during the operation was the collection of foreign objects from the drains — screws, nuts and bolts, Jerry can caps, health faucet holder (metal), residual undissolved sani cubes, push button of the flush lever… Having carefully placed the foreign objects among the drain souvenir collection, Dr Drain is now busy setting right the new site of the multinational company to ensure there are no blocked drains in the future.


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Cannon Drain doctor at 09324682886 or write to us at shiva@cannonhygiene.in.[/box]

You can watch the Drain Doctor perform the perfect operation too. You just need to ask for the video clipping.

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