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Drain cleaning services for washrooms

Inspection tools show status before and after servicing

Micro Inspection Camera to see line status

Rentokil Initial Hygiene’s DrainoscopyTM :
Washroom advertisements today focus on the beauty of the tiles, savvy, branded faucets, and the sleek lines of expensive fittings. However, the truth that is never revealed is the constant build-up of scale, caused by bacteria and uric salts present in our biological waste.The result of this constant scale build-up is moderate to severe malodour in washrooms and serious blockages, which may then become a challenge to address, involving an expensive, time-consuming, and inconvenient job of redoing the washrooms with blocked drain lines. Other reasons are disposing of betel nuts, papers, chewing gums, hair and more, further complicating the matter.
● Drainoscopy machines deliver high torque to clear obstructions, through electro mechanical cables with cutters to muscle through the clogging in drain lines.
● The machine uses a specialized motor and cutting cables, cleans the

Camera reel with a length of 100 feet

drain lines both at the time of going into the lines as well whilst retracting and ensures that clogging is minimized.
● There is no internal damage since the low RPM ensures a steady controlled rotation and dislodging effect.
● Inspection can diagnose the exact cause and at what length the drain lines are clogged, with the company’s inspection tools.
● Clients can easily see the after-service status with inspection tools.
● Early identification of the source of problems to control costs and minimize material use.
● Service anytime as per the client’s schedule
● No need to break tiles and walls to clean the drain lines
● Access the bends easily with this tool
● No chemicals are required
● Services are available PAN India
● Annual maintenance contracts and one-time services are both available

Inspection with camera

Drain line status

Before use

After use

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