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Dr Clean SM3007Ceramic and Tile Cleaner


• Highly effective on removing stains on wall tiles, floor tiles, ceramic& porcelain surfaces and rust, dirt, grease, scale and others.
• Formulated with corrosion inhibitors
• Safe on most surfaces and on users
• Saves time and labour
• Effective cleaning partner for building maintenance and also for household
• Breaks down bonding easily and effectively
• Dilution up to 4 parts
• Contains corrosion inhibitors
• Versatile
• Low fuming
• Saves labour & time
•Cling on formulation


Ceramic, granite, homogenous, pebble wash and natural stone tiles. It is widely used in buildings, hotels, clubs, resorts, home, hospitals and institutions.(Glazed Ceramic Tiles may lose the shine after application, test before using.)

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