Wednesday , 3 June 2020
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Dr Clean SM1001 Smart Oil

Specially formulated multipurpose anti-rust lubricating oil, boosts a variety of applications in different industries. It is formulated to have a very low surface tension which easily spreads on to the surfaces to penetrate into inaccessible parts of machinery and mechanisms to quickly displace any moisture present and protect against it. After application, the Smart Oil spreads out around the contact surface to form a tough molecular barrier, which consist of corrosion inhibitors that will also prevent electrical short circuits from moistures.

It is also capable of breaking molecules from rust, oil, grease, adhesive, gums, dirt, and other contaminants makes it an effective cleaning agent and also easily loosen bolts & nuts on equipment, by loosening the contaminants found in the crevices. It is also capable of application in high temperature changes up to 120°C due to its non-flammable properties.

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