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IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s Rubber Squeegees with Single and Double Blade options come in a variety of sizes and handle lengths to effectively clean smooth or uneven floors. Multiple colours are available for zoned food safety colourcoding programs. Replacement heads available are also offered — cartridge system blades can be removed for easy cleaning and replacement.

IPC Strong Floor Squeegee is an excellent choice for drying of all types of smooth floors and tiles. The new double rubber blade design is three times more durable and ensures thorough cleaning without leaving any streak marks behind, especially for areas near to the swimming pools. Also, the squeegee can be pushed and pulled as opposed to some squeegees which could only be pulled and can also be used for dry squeegeeing. The blade is made of specialized EVA rubber which snugs to the shape of the floor unlike other wipers available in the market which break or crack within a month.

Every part of this wiper is replaceable, making this a costeffective tool for wiping floors. All the more, the blades are replaceable which reduces the cost of replacing the entire squeegee. It includes 45 cm, 55cm and 75cm wiper set.

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