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Keeping your home clean when you have a pet can cost more and it can also be a matter of health. Many people are allergic to pets of one kind or another, with the most allergenic pets being cats and dogs. Keeping the house clean and free of pet dander is essential in having a home that’s happy and healthy for the whole family.

When you have a pet, there is one huge reason for regular carpet cleaning – pet dander. Pet dander is actually dead skin cells that are constantly being shed by animals. All animals have to shed their dead skin cells (yes, humans too!) but these skin flakes can be especially bad in certain species. Cats and dogs (even so-called hairless or short haired breeds) produce large amounts of pet dander. When this dander comes in contact with a person who is allergic to it, that person can have symptoms such as those from hay fever – runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes and even swelling.

Carpet cleaning – pet dander removal can be one way to cut down a person’s exposure to this allergenic substance. Be sure to always use a vacuum with HEPA filtration (this will cut down on the airborne particles of dander that ordinary vacuums throw into the air), and vacuum your home frequently. If possible, remove carpeting from areas where you sleep, like the bedroom, so that you will not be exposed to dander overnight.

You can also install HEPA air filters in the rooms of your home where your pet frequents – this way, any airborne dander will be removed. Finally, bathe your pet at least once a week to keep the dander levels on their skin down.

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