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Hard water stains have long been the scourge of diligent Hotel owners. The rusty stains around the bathtub, shower, toilet or even swimming pool area… are caused by hard water, or high mineral content in the water. Since 60% of the cities in India have hard water, even the cleanest of hotel can begin to look a bit dingy when hard water staining occurs. Even though hard water does not cause serious health problems, it certainly does not leave the bathroom looking fresh and clean.

In India, hard water is an issue and dealing with limescales could be a never- ending battle. Toilets, bathrooms or any other water handling area are often affected by limescale. This is a challenge when it comes to cleaning. Standard detergents and cleaners cannot help remove these stains. It is important to buy a product which can handle the muddle created by such stains.

It is possible to scrub off the limescale deposits. However, the minerals involved are very hard, and the abrasives that will effectively scrape them off are likely to also damage the finish of the material underneath.

With Buzil Rossari’s Buz® Contracalc G 461 the build-up of limescale and unsightly watermarks can be removed. Its unique formula works on the limescale effectively and protects surfaces more than any other commercial product. Providing a spontaneous cleaning effect, Contracalc even keeps watermarks at bay – for a sparkling clean area like bathrooms day after day.

Buz® Contracalc G 461 can be used for deep cleaning as well as for daily cleaning, for example in bathrooms with higher water hardness.

• Immediate cleaning action
• Versatile cleaning product with powerful limescale removing properties
• Suitable for use in a foam gun: prevents undesirable aerosol effect in areas handling foodstuffs
• Suitable for use in a high pressure cleaning machine and with a single disk machine
• Suitable for use in the food industry
• RK listed
• Unscented

Performance Buz Contracalc – 20ml

• Appearance: Liquid
• Odour: Characteristic
• pH-value: ca. 0.5
• Density (25 °C): 1.14 +/-0.02
• Viscosity (250C) : <10 mPas

• For basic cleaning of sanitary areas, swimming pools, food processing industry
• Suitable for use on all acid resistant material and surface in wet areas
• Ideal for basic cleaning of lime deposits on stainless steel surfaces
• Highly suitable for basic and intensive cleaning of micro pore stoneware tiles and safety tiles
• Suitable for removing scale in appliances
• Removes lime, rust, scale and soap deposits

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