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Disinfect, Descale, Deodorise

India’s first GreenPro certified washroom hygiene range

Product Code: CIJ 11/18-1343
Email: enquiry@virtualinfo.in
Call: +91 22 6140 4111

Haylide Chemicals, the pioneer in Green Certified Cleaning in India has one of the most unique & simplistic GreenPro certified product ranges in India, with not only a completely Green certified Washroom Cleaner & Sanitizer but also the only GreenPro certified Toilet Bowl Cleaner in India.


  • Protection from infections: Cleaning & FDA-licensed Disinfection in the same step with STERIX Washroom Cleaner & Sanitizer. Antimicrobial Efficacy certified by IPAMO-affiliated International Standard Laboratory.
  • Sparkling clean results that show a visible difference: Remove Scaling from glass and mirrors, dull layers from taps and yellowing of sinks. This is thanks to the unique organic Carboxylic-Chelate-Surfactant Technology that delivers outstanding cleaning results.
  • Fresh, high-end cosmetic grade & natural fragrance: Forget air fresheners, the washroom will feel naturally fresh with completely hypoallergenic IFRA-compliant fragrance & natural oils.
  • Simplest to use two-product system: STERIX Washroom Cleaner & Sanitizer in a single dilution in a spray & scrub rinse system for all washroom Surfaces. STERIX WC (100% inorganic acid free) for cleaning WC & urinals.
  • A new unique 100% natural source & biodegradable urinal line deodoriser: Apart from the above, Haylide has launched an additional green urinal line deodoriser STERIX FRESH which doesn’t contain any inorganics & will soon be up for Green certification as well.

Haylide’s range of washroom cleaning, disinfection, descaling & deodorising solutions is the complete washroom hygiene solution which protects people, surfaces, is easiest to use and gives the most pleasant after-feel in the market.    

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