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Dirt Blower & vacuum cleaner

Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd has expanded its product range for commercial operators by introducing a handy new machine Dirt Blower LB 850 Bp which has a lithium-ion battery allowing ergonomic operation with low operating costs and is also ecofriendly.

The LB 850 is highly efficient in blowing off dry dirt in areas where vacuuming is not possible. The noise level of the battery operated handheld machine can be reduced  up to 50% making it suitable for use in noisesensitive areas such as schools, hotel grounds and residential areas.

Technical Specifications

Weight 2.3 kg
Noise level LpA / LwA 80 db / 99 db
Vibration 1.1 m/s²
Operating time
with battery Bp 200 / 400 / 800
Up to 60 / 120 / 225min
Air speed Up to 148 km/h


T 12/1 Hf dry vacuum cleaner for aircraft cleaning expanding its range of dry vacuum cleaners. The focus of development for the new model was on meeting efficient aircraft cleaning requirements. The dry vacuum cleaner operates from the on-board power supply and has an extra-long power cord (25m).

The vacuum cleaner can also be fitted with an optional HEPA filter to protect the health of the operator and keep the dust impact in the aircraft to a minimum.

Technical Specifications

Vacuum 227 mbar
Container capacity 12 l
Power 900 W
Air flow rate 54 l/s
Long power cord 25m
Sound pressure level 66 dB(A)
Weight 7.8 kg
Dimensions 410 x 315 x 340 mm
Voltage(onboard power supply) 110 V; 400 Hz

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