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Dipped Products PLC – Rubber Flock-lined Gloves

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Comfortable handwear

Dipped Products PLC is a world leader in protective hand-wear, with a global reputation for innovation, quality and responsible manufacturing practices. Since DPL’s inception, the Nova range of Rubber Flock-lined Gloves has been the preferred glove to meet every day needs of households or any institution. Gloves in the Nova Range can be used for multitude tasks such as cleaning, gardening, personal and pet care, as well as with any food services. All gloves in the Nova range follow food safety guidelines, meaning that when the glove comes into contact with food, no contamination occurs.


Nova range has a pure cotton flock lining inside the glove. This extra layer helps the wearer by absorbing perspiration as well as giving an added level of comfort. The gloves are made using natural rubber, which adds to the comfort compared to other elastomers. The Nova range is chlorinated for easier donning and as an added benefit, it extracts soluble proteins in the glove.


Janitorial / Sanitation, Construction, Industrial cleaning, Plant and heavy equipment maintenance, Household and kitchen use, Laboratories and Food Services (catering/packing/ handling fruits, vegetables and light dairy products)

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