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ABRALUX diamond pads are the latest launch for floor maintenance professionals through a marketing collaboration between Soma Specialities Pvt Ltd, India and Diafil, Italy. The Abralux pads are used to grind, clean, maintain and polish all types of floors in natural stone such as marble, travertine, granite, concrete, marble-concrete mixture, mosaic, terrazzo, venetian and composite materials such as engineered quartz stones. The diamond is “impregnated” directly inside the pads for a thickness of 4/5mm. This specificity makes the Abralux of Diafil a unique and superior product. It is recommended to be used with water, with single disc machines. The Abralux pads are used as a replacement for the conventional resin bonded polishing pads as they are easier to use and even unskilled polishers can adapt to them fast.

The Abralux pads form a system of 1-23-4 pads and are most suitable to be used for floor restoration jobs where gloss has to be renewed on old floors. The pads are available in sizes of 430mm (17”) making them highly compatible with most single disc scrubbers. Abralux diamond pads are proving useful for companies operating in the field of cleaning, maintenance or polishing of floors, especially in hotels and hospitality industry.

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