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Diamond floor pads for cleaning and polishing

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Involves a five-step process

CIJ 12/17-1276

Surie Polex Industries Pvt Ltd’s DCM pads are the perfect solution for maintaining and polishing of floors without using any chemicals.

The 5-steps are as follows:

  1. Fine Grinding (occasional use): This pad only needs to be used when the floor is very dull and has lots of scratches. It will grind the floor, removing the scratches and will create a good base for polishing.
  2. Smooth Grinding (occasional use): This pad is to be used if there are light scratches on the floor that need to be removed. It will grind smoothly, removing the scratches on the floor and bringing the colour back to the floor.
  3. Pre-Polish (regular use): For most floors, this will be the starting step for maintenance. This step will deeply clean the floor and a dull shine will start to appear, but the reflection will be sharp.
  4. Polish (regular use): This pad is ideal for daily maintenance of the floor. It will improve the colour and sharpness of the floor substantially.
  5. Fine Polish (regular use): This is the final step. It is ideal for daily maintenance of floors. It will give the floor a very high shine and rich colour.
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