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Telangana based Supreme Enterprises supplies ATLANTIC LFD 160 a low foam ‘One-shot’ Powder Detergent with balanced blend of an ionic, non ionic surfactants and other Organic performance ingredients that assure brighter and cleaner clothes. It is designed for laundry use in institutional and Industrial automatic washing equipment. ATLANTIC LFD 160 can be easily rinsed off from fabrics. This product contents no lye or strong caustic components. It can handle toughest & laundry problems. The product works well in one bath with both white & colour bleaches. ATLANTIC LFD 160 is chosen as an organic performance detergent for shorter wash cycles.


• Superior whiteness retention/soil anti re-deposition in hard water
• Improves soil removal on F&B Linen & rental type soil
• Works well in all water hardness
• Prevent graying of white fabric by the anti soil re-deposition property
• Organic & environmentally friendly
• Bio degradable
• Safe to use on all kind of fabrics
• Recommended for white& colour linens of domestic health care and hospitality linens

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