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For perhaps the first time UAE is witnessing a patented product and technology being developed from Dubai for the AFH market. This is also the first time that a technology product will be launched into leading world markets like North America, Japan, Europe, Australia, etc., from this region. Hydros Jassem says, “The technology used in aerosols has been in existence since 1948. It is overdue for some change/innovation.

“The washroom user always looks for a continuous pleasant fragrance as this reinforces the perception of cleanliness and a hygienic environment. In the present metered aerosol spray products, the spray comes out at timed-intervals and the fragrance, though initially strong, does not linger long enough to last between each spray. These spray products rarely work continuously to eliminate odours in the washroom. There are other continuous fragrancing products available, like fragrance oils that are heated using tea lights and even candles, but these are not desirable or convenient to use. In a facility you do not want a continuously burning flame that could cause accidents…it is a huge risk. Fragrance from products like gels with in-built fan evaporates very quickly because they are completely open to the environment.”

Research and development of ‘Oxygen Generators’ began in 2005 and is based on Fuel Cell technology that is widely believed to be the next revolution in the field of “emission free” and “precise” fluid delivery. This technology has received billions of dollars in investment by various industries and sectors. Its application include

  • Pharmaceutical industries, where it is used to deliver precise doses of intravenous drugs in acute and palliative patient care
  • Agriculture, for example the USDA, uses the technology for precise delivery of pheromones to capture beetles and insects to protect entire North American forests without any harmful effects on the environment or eco-structure
  • Aerospace industry, to generate oxygen.

Being launched at ISSA/Interclean 2012 in Amsterdam, FDT will showcase the second generation product – Viva!e – an environment-friendly air-freshening system and the latest model in the world’s first continuous fragrance and odour control delivery system using patented ‘Oxy-Gen powered’ technology. No other continuous fragrance and odour control product uses oxygen as a delivery medium.

With less waste and no harmful emissions, Viva!e provides real environmental benefits. The Viva!e refills are fully recyclable at the end of the 30 or 60 days as selected by the user. The system offers a high level of reliable and precise dose of pure fragrance oil on a continuous basis, using emission-free ‘Oxy-Gen powered’ technology.

Jassem explains, “Businesses and building managers are waking up to the fact that visitors, tenants and employees want a better environment while solving odour problems. Viva!e is creating an increased demand for commercial air freshness in areas such as hotel guest rooms, offices, conferences and meeting rooms as well as washroom facilities. Moreover, the compact size, silent operation (there are no moving gear or mechanical parts) and designer look of the dispenser are suitable for high image public areas. The technology is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations, humidity or altitude as in the case of other active and passive continuous fragrance systems.”

FDT air fresheners are available in two models. The first model Viva! combines a fully recyclable refill containing pure fragrance oil and the ‘oxygen generator’ with an attractively designed holder. Viva! refills can work independently without the holding unit. The second model – Viva!e – dispenser holds the oxygen generator and comes with a five-year warranty. The dispenser works with two AA batteries, which lasts up to a year. The user has an option to switch between a strong dose for 30 days and medium dose for 60 days. Viva!e dispensers have LED lights to indicate the setting of the refill, the time to change the refill and even the battery life. The compact and elegant design saves on transportation cost and storage space. Formed in 2007, with its operational headquarters in Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, the company dedicated seven years to research before launching its first product ‘Viva Continuous Air Fresheners’ in 2011.

The state-of-the-art technology, adopted from the pharmaceutical industry, has overcome earlier problems experienced by competitor products of fragrance pooling and leaking, and delivers consistent and fresh fragrance. The dispensers are available in a range of nine colours and the refills are available in four different fragrances with various options like higher dosage variety and large size. “All our products meet the US and European safety standards and regulations. Currently, we are in the process getting green building certificates because of its huge environmental benefits,” says Jassem.

The company owns worldwide Intellectual Property patents and pending patent applications for the development of further electrochemical devices to dispense air freshener scents, sanitizers, disinfectants, cleaners and drain maintainers for the Away From Home Market. FDT has tied up with Jade International to distribute their air-freshener range in India. They are also planning to start a manufacturing unit in India. The company is seeking partnership with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in the AFH sector worldwide and is now actively building channels with AFH service companies and distributors in key markets.

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