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  • Trojan Battery Co., LLC, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep-cycle batteries has launched Reliant™ AGM with C-Max Technology™. Reliant AGM maximizes sustained performance and increases total energy output to meet demanding deep-cycling requirements in Trojan’s wide range of market applications.

Reliant™ AGM is manufactured at Trojan’s newest production facility in Sandersville, Ga.,USA. Applications, including aerial work platform, floor cleaning, golf, material handling, recreation, renewable energy, and remote telecom, will benefit from its true deep-cycle design. Reliant™ AGM is also designed to power equipment used in locations where regulatory mandates require use of non-spillable batteries. For example, airports, healthcare facilities, shopping centres and educational institutions.

Reliant’s exclusive C-Max technology incorporates a wide range of features not found in many of today’s AGM battery offerings. The combination of its proprietary paste formula, unique separator, special polymer case design and maximum flame arrestors, coupled with Trojan’s manufacturing excellence, delivers increased total energy output, maximized sustained performance, consistent quality, and enhanced durability.


Proprietary Paste Formula: Paste elements designed to address the unique needs of deep-cycle applications to maximize sustained performance and increase total energy.

Unique Separator Composition: Thick design ensures high compression for effective contact between glass mat and plates which protects against stratification for extended battery life.

Plastic Polymer Case Design: Distinct plastic polymer case formula with reinforced case end walls increases durability and provides higher battery cell compression to ensure reliable

Maximum Flame Arrestors: Features one flame arrestor for each cell for maximum safety.

Manufacturing Excellence: Trojan’s advanced technology, premium components, exacting quality standards, dual-sided pasting process and superior manufacturing techniques, delivers consistent battery quality and reliability in deep-cycle AGM applications. Reliant AGM is manufactured in the United States at Trojan’s AGM facility in Sandersville, Ga.

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