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Decoding DigiFM: Why apps are so appealing

To speak of facility management without digitisation now is like imagining a human body without a spine. Over the last many issues, we have repeatedly featured the views of service providers who have made it the backbone of their FM operations. We know digital solutions are good for the industry. But what are they exactly?

Experts we spoke to concurred that there are two types. One caters to the end-user’s needs (like booking a meeting room), the other supports the service provider in functions that the end-use may be unaware of (like digital checklists for washroom housekeeping).

Pivoting to a digital platform has banished subjective assessments from performance reviews and introduced authentic, objective data, accessible to both parties. It has fostered the possibility of customisation, which everyone hankers for. And it has integrated every conceivable service under a single software, accessible with a single click.

But how are these digital solutions designed? What do FM heads want from them? Is the employee on the ground prepared to use an FM app? Is the investment worth it?

We heard from both sides of the equation – two service providers and an FM software developer spilled the beans on the nitty-gritties of DigiFM, and the real picture of its status in India today.

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