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DCB Bank cleaning drive

Projecting and promoting water conservation and cleanliness, the DCB Bank has prioritized waste recycling and management as part of its CSR initiatives.

All the employees of DCB bank engage in cleaning activities as part of the CSR. One such activity was cleaning up a government girls’ school in Bhopal where the entire ground surrounding the school was littered with food, snack wrappers and other trash. With an intention to guide the kids and involve them in the process of cleaning, the bank announced incentives for kids bringing the trash to the large bins donated by DCB bank. About 20 bank employees accompanied the kids to clean the other schools in the locality. The bank tied up with a recycling company mandated by Nagar Palika of Bhopal to transport and recycle the trash.

In another drive at the Wagah border DCB bank joined hands with BSF to clean up the area by installing 25- 30lt capacity dust bins from the point where the tourists alight from the cars to the point where the hawkers are positioned with waste management messages written on the bins in seven different languages.

At Dongri, Mumbai, community drive, the residents, MLAs and school kids participated. Large municipal bins were distributed to shops and households and the bank employees campaigned in the locality for managing trash and using the dustbins. This was followed up by distribution of potted plants and arranging sweepers to collect the garbage.

Wherever the bank has branches, dustbins are donated to the area so that the customers get involved in the drives and the campaigning also takes place.

DCB Bank’s corporate office in Lower Parel Mumbai collects its e-waste and donates it to Sampurna Earth, a recycling company. The bank is also looking for ways to have a common e-waste collection point for the entire building.

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