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Data and service standards go hand-in-hand

MK Padmanabhan, CEO, Faber Sindoori Management Services Pvt Ltd

In a brief interview, MK Padmanabhan, CEO, Faber Sindoori Management Services Pvt Ltd explains how data analysis helps service providers attain consistently high standards at each site.

How are digital solutions analysed?

Digital solutions are ultimately meant to deal with operational challenges of providing FM services in India, but such practices are feasible only when the client is willing to award long-term contracts. Technology-driven practices will not only improve consistency in operations but will also ensure that ideal productive solutions are put in place to guarantee that services are delivered with the highest standards. The awareness among clients about the initial cost of investing in technologically proven machineries/solutions at the site needs to be highlighted periodically till it reaches its maturity level.

What data is collected, how it is collected and how is it analyzed?

Workplace with digital tablet showing charts and diagram

Data from FM services is collected in multiple ways. E.g. Past maintenance records over a period against the current operational scenario, predictive maintenance assessment done by technology experts for similar projects elsewhere etc. We can also monitor the real time data analysis using CMMIS (Computerised Maintenance Management Information System) largely used by the FM industry to ensure operational efficiency and safety.

A detailed assessment of services will ensure taking adequate precautionary measures among FM service holders to meet the uptime of any complaints with minimum lead time. Periodic technical audits at site and their analyses will ensure that the operating standards are maintained without hindering qualitative and safety standards.

How do these results influence the FM services provided by the organisation?

Understanding the challenges in each aspect of FM services and a detailed assessment of the services at each site will help the project leader of FM services forecast the operational scenario and take adequate precautionary measures in maintaining the standards intact all through. Operating with hypothetical assumptions/taking things for granted will only burden the project, which will often end up deviated from the original path to desired results. Once the organisation is focused and takes adequate care about such aspects, services will always be delivered at optimal standards.

How does this benefit your client?

Any operational practices are implemented with ideal operational standards which have been defined by our technical experts based on the continuous data analysis done for each service at site level. The practical impacts of each operational aspect has been carefully monitored to ensure that the services meet the best Industry norms at all times.

Such meticulous practices carried out by the expert team not only add benefit to our organisation for meeting the clients’ requirement but also make significant achievement in delivering services with the highest qualitative standards practised in any part of the world in Integrated Facility Management Services.

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