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Dabur India becomes 100% plastic waste neutral

It recycles as much as it generates 

Dabur has been able to accomplish this by collecting, processing and recycling around 27,000 MT of post-consumer plastic waste from across India in the financial year 2021-22.  The company has been able to achieve all this while selling its products in plastic packaging, thus achieving the recognition of becoming a ‘plastic waste neutral’ enterprise.

The company has worked towards collecting all types of plastic waste, from PET and HDPE bottles, PP caps and labels to multi-layered plastics and beverage cartons. Till date, it has collected a total of over 54,000 metric tons of plastic waste (recyclable and non-recyclable) directly from end-users with the help of local rag pickers in 150 cities across India.

In an official statement, Dabur India Ltd Executive Director-Operations Shahrukh A. Khan said “It is a matter of great pride for the entire Dabur family, which has worked towards not just collecting plastic waste from our cities, towns and villages, but also preventing the waste from reaching our landfills and oceans.”

Dabur India Ltd Corporate Head-Environment, Health & Safety Tusar Pattnaik also announced the launch of a new ‘Save the Environment campaign’ in Himachal Pradesh that will create awareness within the communities on managing plastic waste within the household. 

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