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CV 60/2 RS Bp brush-type vacuum cleaner combines the manoeuvrability of walk-behind models with the area coverage of ride-on machines. The front wheel of this slimline vacuum cleaner with power brush turns through 90°, so it has an ultra-tight turning radius of just 1,200 mm. It is compact enough to clean efficiently even in narrow corridors and aisles and fits into most lifts for easy transportation from floor to floor. This vacuum is of particular interest to contract cleaners and the hotel trade. With a noise emission of just 68 dB (A) – about the level of a normal conversation – it can be used during public opening hours without any problem.

As the vacuum travels along, the operator stands on a running board. This gives him or her a very good overview of the floor directly in front of the machine, and he or she can quickly dismount to remove any obstacles from the area to be cleaned. All functions are easily selected by means of a rotary switch. Along with two travel speeds, the operator can choose between a fast vacuuming mode and a slower, more intensive one.

Technical Specifications
CV 60/2 RS Bp
Working with: 610 mm
Max power input: 1.224 W
Airflow: 34 l/s
Max vacuum: 117 mbar (11.7 kPa)
Container capacity: 17 litres
Operating noise: 68 dB (A)
Weight: 113 kg
Dimensions LxBxH: 1118 mm x 622 mm x 1316 mm

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