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While talking about the cleaning and maintenance of natural and artificial stones like marble, granite, ceramic, gneiss, jura, porcelain, sandstone, etc., the first thing one should look at is the substrate and the pH compatibility as the stones are susceptible and use of improper products can damage the surface irreversibly.

The various cleaning procedure can be discussed under the following heads:

• Initial cleaning

• Basic cleaning

• Priming

• Coating with a polish

• Crystallisation

• Impregnation

• Daily maintenance cleaning

• Interval cleaning

• Protective film restoration

Out of the various cleaning procedures, three of the most common and important ones are discussed below.

COATING: It is just like applying polish on the floor, there is no change in appearance of the floor, the water absorption does not get changed and there is no protective effect when the coating is damaged.

PRIMING: It is like deep pore treatment. There is minor change in the appearance of the floor as the pores are filled and the reflective index is changed. There is a reduction in the water absorption and the hardness of the floor is increased.

IMPREGNATION: It is like treatment of the capillary or the pore. There is reduction in water absorption and there is very good water vapour permeability. There is marked reduction due to problem of frost and huge reduction in efflorescence.

Buzil Rossari LLP has come up with Innovative Nanotechnology based product for Stone Impregnation, called R100 Roca Pregno. It is a solvent based stone impregnator with excellent UV resistance and distinct advantages over Coating and Priming products commonly available.

Field of Application:

• For impregnating open-pore and absorbent stone surfaces.

• Especially suitable for finely polished, smooth natural stone floors such as Granite, Gneiss, Gabbro and Calcareous stone.

Product Advantages/Properties

• Long-lasting stain protection

• Aqueous soil such as oil and grease cannot penetrate the stone surface

• Diffusion of vapour in the stone is hardly affected

• Easier maintenance cleaning as adhesion of soil is reduced.

• Easy-to-clean effect

• No change in the appearance of floor

• Excellent depth of penetration

• Non-slip property is not affected

• It is possible to re-impregnate the floor whenever required.

• UV resistant

• Time-saving processing of floor as it is not necessary to work section by section

• Innovative nanotechnology

Natural stone floors

Natural stone floors are unique and have quite a specific character. Due to their diversity, different characteristics and individuality, the cleaning system has to be coordinated with the requirements of the natural stone in question.

Porcelain stoneware tiles

Porcelain stoneware tiles are micro-porous, finely rough, sometimes glazed tiles, but also tiles that have been polished to give them a high lustre. The smallest particles of grease and lime soil may be trapped in the micro-pores. The EROL® system using micro-fibre appliance covers or pads is the most optimal and pore deep effective method of removing such types of soil.


Recommended Product – R180 Roca Clarin from Buzil

For crystallization of smooth calciferous stone floors, such as Marble, Travertine, Solnhofen slabs, Jurassic limestone, Terrazzo. It removes minor scratches and chemical burns, created by the wrong use of the products.

Product Properties

• Enhances the optical appearance and provides long-lasting lustre

• Enhances the crystal structure and the brilliancy of the stone

• Enhances the durability of the floor and thus protects against chemical and mechanical damage

• Does not require a long drying period following basic cleaning

• Slip-retardant

• Easy handling

• Free from odour

Advantages of ROCA crystallization

• Crystallized floor becomes harder and is thus mechanically less sensitive

•  High-lustre

• Uniform appearance

• Non-slip

• More resistant to chemicals and liquids

• Seamless repair of individual areas possible

• The natural character of the natural stone is preserved

• Can be walked on immediately

Advantages of the EROL® system

• Powerful soil-loosening action

• Pore-deep cleaning performance

• Optimal cleaning performance combined with micro-fibre

• Suitable for universal application – for basic, intensive and maintenance cleaning

• Suitable for manual and machine cleaning

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