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[box type=”shadow” ] Sundar-BhanjaTarini Hygiene (India), based out of New Delhi, has become a successful cleaning solutions provider in less than five years. Founder Satya Sundar Bhanja discusses various aspects of a professional approach in the cleaning business[/box]

Making a difference

Tarini Hygiene, which has a pan-India distributor network, caters to industries’ needs across different market segments. It also undertakes complete project supplies for hotels, airports, hospitals and industries and also manufactures essential oils, which are used in hotels, spas and resorts. “We are competent in integrating all products, systems and services and provide customized cleaning solutions to customers apart from educating people to keep their ambience clean. This has helped us gain the trust and confidence of clients across. We ensure balanced quality levels of products and reliable services. We constantly work on developing ourselves as a solution provider for our clients.”

Dynamics of hygiene maintenance

It is comparatively easy to maintain hygiene in hotels, hospitals and banks as these are professional premises managed by quality professionals and need supplies on a regular basis.

“When it comes to delivery of irregular orders from places like temples, we need to adjust the inventory as per the sudden demands raised by the customer. The practice needs proper scheduling and timely delivery of hygiene aids.”

Rising Competition

New players are entering this arena each day increasing the competition. “Trends are changing. Internet has changed the game of marketing activities in each sector. Web-based services and ordering through mobile apps are gaining popularity across every strata of society. We are monitoring all new developments in the market and trying our best to keep with the pace. Our marketing activities, we are attached with online services and print media.”

Market Potential

There is a large untapped market in the tier II and tier III cities. There is a huge potential. “We are developing new markets for future to provide a comprehensive range of housekeeping items, cleaning chemicals, cleaning tools and trolley, floor care machines. We have direct sales and have distributors all over India and are upgrading our activities as per the market needs.”

Issues and Solutions

In some areas, people don’t have knowledge about how to use cleaning products due to lack of guidance and education. Retaining quality manpower remains a concern round the year, as this sector is not organized. “Besides every customer has varying expectations which we need to accommodate with new types of solutions periodically. But, all is a part of learning and every entrepreneur gains from experience.”

Successful Entrepreneur

Any supplier is trusted by its commitment towards professionalism and managing time-bound delivery of order. “In today’s competitive scenario there is no room for ignoring your clients and falling short of their expectation. The thumb rule is ‘Customer is the King’.”

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