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Curbing contamination at Maharaja Agrasen hospital

Ensuring bacteria & bug-free linen, ‘Electrolux Professional’ works closely with healthcare professionals to develop best-in-class hygienic laundry solutions and to deliver equipment that is most ergonomic, efficient and easy to use. Innovations are more-often directly inspired by their needs and provide best defense against the spread of micro-organisms and cross infections.

When it comes to hygiene in healthcare institutions, there is no room for compromise. Any infection outbreak can put many lives on risk contamination. Hospitals and clinics have strict hygiene regulations covering the handling and cleaning of linen, laundry, towels and staff clothing. This requires in-depth experience and special laundry solutions to guarantee safe, germ-free laundry and thereby protect patients. “With the bold, new Line 5000 generation, Electrolux Professional delivers the easiest to use, most efficient, and most cost-effective washer and dryer solutions for the hygiene and care segment,” explains Animesh Sharma, Sales Manager- Laundry, Electrolux Professional India

While catering to the needs of Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, a 400 bedded multi-super specialty healthcare facility, Quick Clean Healthcare Pvt Ltd, its partner upgraded the entire laundry facility. It installed Electrolux Professionals’ equipment. Ankur Gupta, Director, Quick Clean Healthcare Pvt Ltd said, “We were looking for highperformance, flexibility, and specific equipment solutions for the in-house laundry at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital. Electrolux, being compact, easy-to-use equipment fulfilled that.”

The MAH Laundry is very well equipped with washers – W5600 & W5180N, dryers – T5550 & T4900 and ironer – IC44821R.

“When MAH management decided to refurbish the in-house laundry facilities to address a number of needs, they identified Electrolux equipment to keep the costs under control, increase productivity without increasing staffing, and maximise hygiene,” says Animesh.

General hospital linen and staff clothing, cleaning cloths for the different services, are handled on site, for a total of 1200kg of laundry per day.

“The laundry has been designed to handle all the Hospital’s laundry. It is the first boiler-free laundry and the equipment run on PNG, a clean natural resource that produces no waste. Yield is optimised and gas consumption is reduced to a minimum thanks to the innovation & design of Electrolux Professional laundry equipment,” comments Ankur.

The installation stands as an impressive reference for a modern health care laundry setup, setting new levels of washing performance as well as improving the handling of linen and working conditions of all staff.

Equipment installed

Washer Extractor W5600 X 2: With a drum volume of 600L, rigid frame, the W5600 ensures safe and simple operation. Large door opening, easy-to-use interface, very low noise and vibration levels are its appreciated features.

Washer Extractor W5180N: The W5180N is the perfect balance between economy, wash performance and time, depending on the customer needs. Finding the perfect balance between low water and energy consumption, whilst maximizing wash results with shorter processing time.

Tumble dryers T5550 & T4900: These models with Compass Pro® microprocessor are robust and reliable in any type of installation. With low energy consumption & shorter drying time, they guarantee better working environment in the laundry.

– Electrolux Professional

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