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Before Service

‘Oh, No!’ That was a silent shock exclaimed by Drain Doctor, as he paddled through a pool of drain water inside the cafeteria of a large IT company. This explained the urgency in the call that the Drain Doctor received from the company and the quick completion of paperwork too to commence the operation.

The most astonishing view was to watch four pantry staff punching and pushing the main drain which just would not give in. “What is it that caused such a severe block? And that too in a cafeteria kitchen where all the used plates were sorted and food / non-food waste segregated?” wondered Drain Doctor. Well, it was time for a Drainscopy.

The entire Cafeteria kitchen area was flooded with mild mal-odour emitting from the wastewater and the 4” drain line was completely clogged!

After Service

After Service

After a quick drain inspection using special Cannon Drainoscopy tools, Drain Doctor was able to determine the nature and some of the contents of the blockages. Having done the preliminary study of the whole block, Drain Doctor set out with his specialized drain cleaning machine. He was, in a very short period of time, able to muscle his way through the clogging.

Post operation analysis of the remnants pulled out of the drain was equally astonishing. Apart from the usual FOG – Fats, Oils wand Grease – and foreign objects like polybags, spoons and steel wool, surprisingly a large quantity of “onion skin” had choked the 26 feet long drain. The most amazing “waste” retrieved from the drain was a “Nokia mobile phone” which had gone “missing” seven days ago… dead to the world.

Following the successful operation of clearing the drain lines and bringing it back to full free flowing levels, the proactive approach was rewarded with a monthly service contract for three months to maintain the drains to avoid hassles of blocked drains.


High usage, poor waste segregation and insufficient floor traps has led to waste slipping into the drains and choking them eventually.


Well, are you also looking for the Drain Doctor to set your clogs and blocks right?

imageProper access to the drain line
Proper filter which will not allow solid food waste/ foreign objects to get into the drain line
Have the right tool for the right job to address drain issues as clogging due to FOG is common with drain lines
Grease traps should be in place
Never take the protective grilles/drain filters off, weld them into place if necessary
All solid wastes must be disposed off separately
Grease traps to be cleaned regularly and frequently




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