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KC Green Revolution Pvt Ltd, which started with just wheelie bins has now a wide variety of products under its portfolio, right from feminine hygiene bins to biomedical bins. “Our product choice is influenced by compliance and design as per the business requirements of our clients,” says Bipin Padhi, Director.

In a very short span of time, since it started operations in December 2009, KC Green built on the platform of quality check, better value for products and total customer delight, has made its place in several market segments.

With 2014 ISO-9001-2008 Certification, the company’s main aim is to provide the best possible products and service when it comes to sanitary products thereby offering a friendly, helpful and quality response at every step so as to meet service requirements.

Our main strengths lie in the fact that we take pride in delivering products as per the designs and requirements from our customers and we have over 1,000 clients across the globe. In the last two years, we successfully initiated the production of 100% anti-bacterial Sanitary Bin with injection moulding technology in keeping with the European designs. Our major achievement was supplying over 5000 pieces of bio medical bin with wheels for an US AID project.

KC Green concept contributes to corporate cleanliness; washrooms facilities and cleanliness in the society are maintained to the optimum level – to the best of perfection and equilibrium. The concept of sanitary bins or rather feminine hygiene sanitary bins is not new but with the advent of time, the flush hygiene services has changed a lot with various designs, quality and sizes. Reliability check has been considered as an important parameter for better implementation and changes. Many countries have made it mandatory to have female washrooms with suitable sanitary disposal systems and better flush hygienic services. To ensure such practices in line with Health, Safety and Welfare regulation Act recommendations, quality sanitary bins are required.

Proper disposal is prerequisite for a better environment and the sanitary waste must be completely contained with best precaution measures, protecting the user. It is also recommended that proper bins must be used so that total sanitation can be provided in the office and household premises to the maximum level.

KC Green also provides the facility of private labelling of bins on demand. Equipped with the latest technology, we have the capacity to deliver customised bins in bulk at the shortest possible notice. Being indigenous the costs are competitive.

The company is widening its range of products by including more varieties to the present range of products. Recent launch of fragrance liner was a part of the strategy. The liner is anti-bacterial, bio-degradable and carries lemon fragrance. A different set-up is also to be installed to produce hygiene products – urinal screen, dispensing units, Pedal bins and so on.

Our future plan is to launch a concept of Feminine Hygiene bin for Housekeeping service providers or dealers all across the country where they can plan and start with a very small investment and achieve the break even in three to four months’ time. With all such value and path breaking innovation, we plan to offer the wide product range creating a lasting imprint in the minds of customers.”

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